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  • Course Fees : 18963.00 27090.00/-
  • Course Duration : 8 TO 10 MONTHS
  • Minimum Amount To Pay : Rs.1000.00

Basics of Computers

Introduction to Computers

Computer Components

Computer Block Diagram

Hardware, Types of Software

Input Devices, Output Devices

Central Processing Unit - CPU

Memory, Storage Devices, Booting


Internal Commands, External Commands

Wild Card Patterns, Batch File, Virus


Wall Paper, Screen Savers, Calculator

NotePad, MS Paint, WordPad, Folders

Windows Settings, Control Panel,

Shutdown, Logoff, Users, Reset, ... etc

Microsoft Word

Creating a Document, Template, PDFs

Navigate through a Document

Format a Document, Customize Options,

Views, Print & Save Documents,

Inserting Text & Paragraphs

Format Text and Paragraphs

Order & Group Text & Paragraphs

Table - Create, Edit, Modify 

Creating and Editing Lists

Create & Manage Reference Markers

Create & Manage Graphic Elements

Menus, Media, Hyperlink, equations

Page Borders, Page Colour, Fonts, Sizes

Layout Menus, Mailings - Mail Merge

Review - Spelling & Grammar, Macros

Resumes, Letters, Invitations & how to

create business papers .. etc

Microsoft Excel 

Create Worksheets & Work books,

Format Worksheets & Work books

Customize options & views, 

Configure Worksheets & Work books

Inserting Data in Cells & Ranges

Formatting Cells, Orgainzing Data

Creating & Managing Data, Tables

Styles & Options, Filter & Sort Data

Functions / Formulas / Equations

Conditional Operations, Text Functions

Create & Edit Charts, Format Charts

Insert Objects, Work book Settings

Custom Data Formats & Layouts

Adv. Formulas, Charts & Tables, Macors

More on Data, Tabs and reviews, Pivot Table

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create a Presentation, Insert & Format Slides

Modify slides, Handouts & Notes

Order & Group of Slides, Configure the

Presentation & Slide show

Format & Insert Text, Objects, Images

Format & Insert Tables, Charts,

Format & Insert Smart Art Graphics

Slide Transitions, Animations,

Finalization of Presentations.

TallyPRIME Essentials Level 1

Introduction to Accounts

Introduction to TallyPRIME

Maintaining Chart of Accounts

Recording Transactions using Vouchers

Accounting Vouchers & Inventory Vouchers

Banking System in Tally - Cheque Printing

Bank reconciliation of Reports

Generating Financial Statements and

MIS Reports, Data Security in TallyPRIME

Company Data Management

GST, Inventory System in Tally

Shortcut commands

Split Company, Currencies.

GST Specialization

Introduction to GST, GST Tax Structure

Determination of Tax, GST Registration

HSN / SAC Code, Invoicing, Input Tax credit

E-Way Bill, E-Invoicing, GST in Tally PRIME

Hierarchy of Calculating Tax in Transactions

Recording GST Compliant Transactions

E-Way Bill Reports in Tally, GST Tax Payment


Inter State and Intra State Transactions

Composition Dealers, GST Tax Slabs & rules

10th Pass